Instant remineralisation

This model is similar to that described in Aumont et al. (2015) where the majority of organic matter that sinks to the bottom of the domain is instantly remineralised and returned to a nutrient pool (usually $NH_4$) in the bottom cell of the domain, and the remainder is permanently stored.

Model equations

The burial fraction from Dunne et al. (2007) is given by:

\[E = E_0 + E_1\left(\frac{F_{OC}}{k_B + F_{OC}}\right)^2,\]

where $F_{OC}$ is the carbon flux (in this implementation the nitrogen flux multiplied by the Redfield ratio).

Parameter variable names

SymbolVariable nameUnits
$k_B$burial_efficiency_half_saturationmmol C / m² / s

Model conservations

Nitrogen is conserved between the model domain and sediment, any nitrogen not returned to the bottom cell is stored in a sediment field.

Model compatibility

This model is compatible with all currently implemented models but does not separately store or remineralise carbon.